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    ADDRESSUK Wing Chun Assoc. National HQ Unit 4 The Planks Lubards Farm Hullbridge Road Rayleigh Essex SS6 9QW


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Beginners Wing Chun

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."



YOU will be welcomed into our dedicated Beginners Wing Chun Class and introduced to the simple but highly effective theories of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

We focus your training from the very first lesson, building a solid understanding of self-defence scenarios, ensuring that YOU have the skills and ability to feel confident in confrontational situations, learning how to overcome not only the physical, but also the psychological barriers involved in effective Self-Defence.

Basic concepts of the Centre Line, Economy Of Motion and Developing Close Range explosive short distance power are covered extensively.  Blindfolded tactile responses are also introduced and honed, culminating in our Preliminary Grading.   The grading requires students to demonstrate a good understanding and ability in practical self-defence techniques as well as striking and footwork skills. We firmly believe that this can be reached within a 4-5 month period of dedicated training and practice, alongside expert tuition.


Some people are unable to attend mainstream classes or would simply prefer the convenience and privacy of one on one training. These lessons can prove a great way to learn the art, after all you are being given the best from very experienced teachers.

Contact Zubbiar Khan to discuss your interest and he will do everything he can to accommodate your enquiry.

Whilst on a break to California James Sinclair managed to meet up with some dear friends in the Art of #wingchun Kuen. Firstly, he met up with Grandmaster Robert Chu. James Sinclair and Robert Chun have become good friends and meet whenever James visits family in California. Grandmaster Chu is one the most knowledgeable individuals in the martial arts. He is a walking encyclopaedia. Dr Robert Chu is a world renowned Acupunturist and TCM author, who is highly respected.As a Wing Chun teacher Dr Chu’s grasp of the history and lineages is second to none. James was also blessed to meet one of the most genuine and humble of all of the Wing Chun Grandmasters available today. JamesSinclair first met Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung through The Wing Chun School ‘s Grandmaster Abdul Malik, back in Hong Kong in 2005. James was intitially invited to attend by Grandmaster Ip Chun. Grandmaster Abdul Malik asked James to teach and demonstrate at the 2nd World Ving Tsun Conference. As an unplanned seminar James simply ‘Winged It’. Many of Hong Kong’s leading teachers were present to observe his teaching, and surprisingly they liked his approach. James was later physically ‘tested’ by multiple Wing Chun teachers’ senior students. Wan Chin Boi (as James repsectfully refers to Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung) and James have remained good friends since this first meetig in 2005 at his Kwoon. Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung is respected for his personal character as much as his unique and respected skills. He is the founder of Practcal Wing Chun.Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung is a forward thinking practitioner who welcomes anyone from beginner to long standing practioner, and demonstrates no arrogance or ego. Thanks go out to both gentlemen for making James' trip all the more enjoyable.Lastly, but certainly of no less importance or pleasure…. James managed to to meet up with Master Nick Martin. Sifu Nick Martin has been training and supporting the UKWCKFA since he was 14 years of age and is a talented Wing Chun practitioner and teacher. Sifu Nick was working in Seattle and San Francisco and made a huge effort to meet. James and Nick drove through the desert (on a horse with no name!) to vist the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon West Rim.They spent time chatting and sharing fantastic experiences outside of martial arts. Sifu Nick deserves all the success he is working so hard toward. ... See MoreSee Less
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U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
It looks like we found your limit.. so we are going back to short clips.! To produce and upload 10 minute plus clips is very time consuming and expensive. Based on the views and likes, it is not what you are looking for.Thank you for to those who gave favourable comments on the longer form clips, it was worth a try. In this short extract from Saturdays Zoom Session James Sinclair was discussing the 'Tools of the Trade.' Hence the joke title of 'Greatest Hits'....For an hour and a half James demonstrated how to use the many and varied hand strikes used by #WingChun students. Here James describes a simple slap, and how changing the angles of approach of stikes, helps move much faster in rapid combinations. He also discussed the use of the side punch and the use of focus mitts to describe the levels of timing in interceptions.As this is a tiny extract it is easy to misinterpret the discussion. As such we will not enter into any form of discussion.UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. HQUnit 7, The PlanksLubards LodgeHullbridge RoadRayleighEssex SS6 9QGTel: +44 7860 276923Email: info@ukwingchun.comMAIN SITE: www.ukwingchun.comNATIONAL HQ: www.rayleighwingchun.co.ukEAST LONDON: www.eastlondonwingchun.comSOUTH LONDON southlondonwingchun.comMIDLANDS: www.midlandswingchun.co.ukBEDFORD: www.bedfordwingchun.co.ukCAMBS: www.cambridgeshirewingchun.co.ukCITY: www.citywingchun.comESSEX: www.wingchunessex.co.ukKENT: www.kentwingchun.netNORFOLK: www.norfolkwingchun.ukSCOTLAND: www.wingchunscotland.netX: @UKWCKFAFacebook: UKWCKFAGoogle+ +UKWCKFAYouTube UKWCKFAInstagram UKWCKFAPatreon patreon.com/ukwckfa ... See MoreSee Less
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U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
In 2017 James Sinclair set up a couple of cameras at the Rayleigh Wing Chun school. This is the National Headquarters of the U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association The intention was to create a simple video on the subject of the #wingchun wooden dummy. Focusing, not on the form, but introducing some basic ideas that even the most inexperienced Wing Chun students could apply.If you cant afford a dummy or have nowhere to assemble one, we also discuss alternativesThis particular clip goes on to introduce the low kicks on the Muk Yahn Jong.This clip is more than twice the length of our longest videos to date. Please accept that this was shot in 2017 and presentation skills, camera skills and technology have all improved considerably.It remains our hope that you can find something of interest in this clip. We fully accept it does not cover everything there is to say, by quite some margin.As this is the longest video released to date….if you find you enjoy the content, we would appreciate if you could just go that one extra, and hit the 'like' button. We will gauge the populatity of longer form video on this clip and act accordingly. Up to you if you wish to see more....For those seeking true depth and 4 camera angles all edited in HD.... Our online courses cover every single aspect of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy training, in great depth, discussing and demonstrating the form in many different interpretations. ... See MoreSee Less
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UK Wing Chun Assoc.
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